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After consulting with several dentists on Maui and Oahu, I was immediately impressed after my consultation with Dr. Nishime. I was in need of extensive dental restorative treatment, and Dr. Nishime demonstrated everything I was hoping for, skill, knowledge, confidence and compassion. The path of restoring my oral health was challenging, including bone grafting, tissue grafting and large amount of dental implants. Dr. Nishime communicated every step perfectly and demonstrated care beyond expectations. Being an “off-Island patient” the entire staff went out of their way to be flexible and accommodate my needs. Each procedure was completed with exceptional skill and precision which allowed for a complete oral rehabilitation and satisfaction beyond words. I am forever grateful to Dr. Nishime and his staff for the care they afforded me. He accomplished what many other dentist could not. I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Nishime.

T. Moore

I can’t believe it! About four years ago since securing my lower dentures with mini dental implants it has been a total marvel. No more slipping dentures. I love it! Thank you Dr. Nishime.

H. Lee

I would like to express my sincere thanks to my dentist, Dr. Nishime, for the excellent dental treatment that I received and for giving me back my beautiful smile. Although I underwent multiple extractions, had dental implants and new implant supported dentures fitted, my experience, while in the chair, was amazingly painless. I had no fear because I was made to feel at ease and I was reassured at every stage of the process. I felt no discomfort while the whole procedure was done with expedience and great skill. The results are well beyond my expectations. I now have beautiful teeth and an award winning smile. My only regret is that I did not have this done sooner. Because of negative thoughts and the uncertainty of it all, I allowed doubt to enter my mind. In retrospect, I wish I had the procedure done much sooner. Thank you, Dr. Nishime.

K. Hamlin

Dr. Nishime, you’re amazing. Thank you again for the dental implant to replace my missing tooth. I enjoyed our time together, and it feels so good to have a tooth back in where one was missing.

K. Dagget

The implant done by Dr. Nishime was the best decision I made.

F. Dung

Dr. Nishime, I am very pleased with the dental implant you did on my upper jaw. I thank you very much for making me feel that I have my own teeth again.

J. Gushiken

My gums are healed and my dental implants are very firm and strong. Dr. Michael Nishime did a wonderful job on my dental implants. Thank you.

M. Trainor

Now that my dental implants are in place, chewing is comfortable and pain free. At times, I forget that my teeth are artificial, because they feel so natural.

A. Viela

I’m so glad I did the dental implants. In the beginning, I was so afraid to do the implants, but my daughter said, “Mom go ahead and put in the implants. Maybe it will be good for you.” She told me not to worry. Now that I have the implants, I can even eat roasted peanuts without any problems. Thank you so much for caring for my teeth and health.

F. Lim

Before I did not wish to take pictures or even look at myself in the mirror. I would always close my mouth and not smile. With my new restorations, I can smile really big, and I do not mind spending even thirty minutes brushing my teeth. When I had temporary dentures, they were really uncomfortable. I am very satisfied that I had dental implants done. I feel like they are my own teeth. I used to be embarrassed about showing my teeth, but now I am so proud of them because they are so beautiful. Thanks for everything.

Y. Wachi

I can’t believe that I have completed my dental implant procedure. I had been thinking about implants and talking to dentists since I lost my teeth almost 20 years ago. I appreciate everything you have done and am now enjoying my teeth. Thank you again.

K. Price

The Maui Memorial Medial Center CME Committee, which met on February 19, 2003, has evaluated and rated your CME presentation, “Returning Oral Health, Function and Esthetics with Dental Implants”, which was presented on January 17, 2003, as excellent. All those in attendance were extremely pleased with the program and found it very informative.A couple of the comments were, “It was fascinating, quite amazing” and “A great learning experience”. I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I had no idea how in depth that this type of dental procedure can be. We thank you for sharing your knowledge with all interested parties, and for supporting the MMMC CME Committee’s functions. We sincerely appreciate you donating your time to enlighten us.

D. De Gusman

We all smile twice as nice because of you and your friendly, professional, thorough staff. Mahalo nui loa.

T. Anicas

Hey, Mike. You are really a great dentist, and a hell of a nice guy!

D. Henkin

How grateful I am for your thoughtfulness when I had some emergency treatment done last week. Thank you! Also, thank you for being available on such a short notice.

H. Nakama

Thank you for getting me in so quickly to fix my broken tooth. You really saved my holiday vacation! Your whole staff was very kind and helpful. Mahalo!

L. Brodecky

I would like to express my appreciation for the consultation some weeks ago about dental implants. It was very informative and helpful with my decision to have a dental implant or not. I was impressed with the thorough explanation and time you took, knowing how busy you are, and I would certainly recommend you to my friends.

N. Hildebrandt

Thank you very much for taking care of my teeth. We are very grateful for your help in restoring my mouth and giving me back new teeth – it’s marvelous.

N. Kawabe

Thanks for the great dental work. Just a small gift of appreciation for all your help.

P. Bareng

I had suffered all weekend with a toothache, and I could not see my dentist, because he was out of town. You and your staff were all so very nice, polite, and kind to me. I really appreciate that. I have always liked my dentists, but I HATE going to the dentist (I don’t think I’m unusual in that respect). I was really feeling awful and sort of bereft, because my dentist was nowhere to be found! I felt I had been deserted in my hour of need, and you and your staff came through for me. And, best of all, you didn’t charge me anything for the visit. I have no insurance, so I really appreciated that also! I thank you for your generosity and kindness. May you and your staff all enjoy a lifetime of happiness and prosperity.

B. Matthews

Dr. Nishime, just to let you know how thankful I am for your taking care of my problem dentures. My mouth, mentally, emotionally at ease and able to sleep in peace. I have lived in agony for over a year. Finally I’m relieved. Thank you very much.

K. Higa

He is voted “The Best” by colleagues. The expertise/procedure is excellent. I am so glad to have chosen “The Best”.

S. Lum

I want to thank you for inviting me to your dental implant seminar. I really enjoyed it! Your lecture was filled with fascinating pictures, ant it was well organized. I really admire your skill in implant dentistry, and the deep dedication to our profession. You’ve made me proud to be a dentist-helping people enjoy life again with their new teeth. Once again, thank you for a wonderful educational evening.

Dr. M. Lee

Thanks for the good work as you always accomplish. My new partial denture is a good fit, and I believe it has improved my eating (chewing) ability. Thanks again for your patience and professionalism. Mahalo.

M. Tiselar

You are not only one of the most skilled and competent dentists that I have ever been treated by and in the care of, but needless to say my favorite as well. It is my blessing to have found you. Sincerest regards for continued success in your thriving profession.

Y. Smith

I would suggest a dental implant rather than a bridge because it stays there and you do not need to remove it. I would recommend implants to anyone. I have enjoyed my implants immensely.

M. Suzuki

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me! :)

J. Aldendifer

Thank you for taking such good care of our teeth!

J. Suzuki

Domo arigato! I really appreciate the excellent professional dental service you render, as well as your congenial staff. Keep up your good work. Mahalo nui.

M. Chang

Thank you so much for fixing my capped tooth. I am very pleased with your dental work.

L. Miyasato

I had some dental problems and someone recommended Dr. Nishime. I found out I needed some dental implants, and Dr. Nishime preformed that. And ever since I had my dental implants, I can eat anything now, and I have no pain anymore.

P. Ramos

I thank you very much for your nice job on my tooth which had been missing a long time and gave me a hard time to smile in public to my full satisfaction. I felt a big difference among health care systems between the U.S. and Japan through my experience in your practice, itemizing as follows:

  1. I feel the sincere approach to the patient’s claim and did not feel economical motivation by you. Generally speaking, the patient or consumer has instinctive sensitivity and reads the Dr’s mind and intention.
  2. You take enough time for one patient and think from the stand point of the patient.
  3. If you are not satisfied yourself with your performance, you tried again until you were satisfied even if it takes time and feels troublesome. You deserve the word “Esthetic”.
  4. After serious operation, you call the patient even in the night time if everything is OK or not. I have never experienced Doctor calls after their office hours.

During your treatment, I did not feel any pains on my teeth and was able to eat even after operation. In another word, it seems not necessary for you to call your customer “patient” because your treatment do not require patients to endure pains. Be the matter what it may, my two years teeth travel (including gum treatment) has finished and come back home. I really thank you and all your devoted staff for the warm atmosphere and sincerity. I would like to refer your office if I know of someone who needs dental treatment.

K. Honjo

I wanted you all to know how much I ENJOYED (yes, you heard me!) my visits to your office this past week. I never thought I would ever say that I enjoyed a visit to a dentist’s office let alone even being comfortable! My experience was first rate. Thank you to all who helped me get over my intense fear and made my visit to your office a very pleasant memory. I would recommend you highly to anyone I know.

B. Hall

Thank you for over seven years of your gentle expertise. It’s great to have a doctor and staff that you like and trust. It’s also wonderful to have a healthy, beautiful smile.

M. Miho

I’ve had my teeth implants for over a year now. It’s wonderful. I can eat anything without any pain. Thank you very much.

E. Miyahara

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