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Cosmetic Dentistry Honolulu Hi

Your smile reflects your personality. People who are confident in their smile look more flexible and professional. This can be one reason why most of the Americans, during surveys, have agreed to the fact that a beautiful smile can be a plus in professional career. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved into a branch of dentistry over a period of time. Cosmetic dentists care for the beauty of the teeth. Dental treatments for long were dedicated to general dental health of patients and gave less attention for appearance of teeth. Developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry gave way to newer approaches. The treatment conducted in the field today focuses on beauty of teeth and improves the oral health as well. The technology has revolutionized the art of crafting good looking smiles. People can possess real desires to get beautiful smiles and the technology support their dreams. The experience, knowledge and expertise of the cosmetic dentist are key factors which can influence the results of a cosmetic dental treatment. Our Honolulu cosmetic dentist has worked with the patients in the city and improved their oral health. Our dentist specializes in performing cosmetic treatment and tooth restoration. His services have earned him respect and trust in the city.

Cosmetic Dentistry Honolulu

Why plan for smile makeover?

Teeth which are bright, well-aligned, correctly shaped and free from errors look great. A survey conducted in USA has revealed few astonishing figures related to smiles. About 80% of people who participated in the survey said they were not happy with their smiles. Cosmetic dentistry can change the fortune for people in such conditions. There are many treatment procedures which can be performed by a cosmetic dentist to transform the smile of a person. The reasons to get a smile makeover are quite simple. Good looking teeth increase the confidence to smile. You look more attractive when you carry yourself around with a charming smile.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

People commonly mistake cosmetic dental treatment to be limited to teeth whitening and dental veneers procedures. There are restorative procedures and orthodontic treatments which can improve esthetic factors of teeth. Dental implants, tooth colored fillings and Invisalign are all cosmetic treatment procedures in a way. Replacing a lost tooth with a beautiful porcelain crown, restoring tooth with tooth colored fillings and treatment of tooth errors with invisible aligners have esthetic benefits. Therefore, cosmetic dentistry can be considered as any treatment procedure which improves the appearance of your teeth. Be it through replacement of lost tooth or through restoring a decayed tooth, cosmetic dentists do what is necessary to upgrade your oral health and improve the appearance of your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry – How a smile is reshaped?

Cosmetic dental treatment can bring a number of changes in your teeth by reshaping them. How the changes are brought and the accuracy of the treatment depends on the skills of the cosmetic dentist. Here are some of the problems with teeth which are addressed through cosmetic dental treatment.

Misshapen Tooth – Dental veneers are thin shells which are bonded to the front of teeth. These shells can give better shape to your teeth and cover gaps if there are any.

Discolored Teeth – Discolored teeth can be brightened through teeth whitening procedure. The treatment removes stain and radiates the natural color of the teeth.

Chipped Tooth – Chipped tooth can be given better shape through tooth bonding procedure or using dental veneers.

Missing Tooth – There are several ways to replace lost tooth. Dental bridges and dental implants are the popular methods.

Crooked Teeth – Crooked teeth can be treated using orthodontic appliances or using dental veneers. Dental veneers are used when changes required are minor.

Gaps between teeth – Gaps can be masked with dental veneers or through dental bonding procedure.

How does a cosmetic dental treatment take place?

If you are unhappy with your smile and want to transform it, visit our dentist who crafts the most desirable smile for you. The expertise and skills of cosmetic dentist makes a big difference in the results that you get from your cosmetic dental treatment. Our dentist is qualified to perform various treatments and has dedicated time to upgrading his knowledge and capabilities to use the latest technology for the purpose. Our results are simply remarkable and patients have always relied on us for their dental treatment.

Do you have an idea of the perfect smile? Note down the changes that you expect from the cosmetic dental treatment and discuss it with our dentist during your visit. Our dentist examines the condition of your teeth and gums before setting a treatment plan. After coming up with an idea of reshaping your teeth, our dentist explains to you the procedure and the benefits. The cosmetic dental treatment that you require depends on the errors in your teeth. Patients can also preview the expected results so that any necessary changes can be conveyed to the dentist.

How to take care of your teeth after cosmetic dental treatment?

Post treatment care for each dental procedure is very important. The steps that should be followed may be different for different procedures. Our dental team explains to patients the ways to protect the smile. There are few common tips which can help people in upgrading oral health and enhancing the beauty of the smile.

Eat healthy, stay healthy

You can stay away from dental infection by eating healthy food. Your teeth are strong and your smile is magnetic when you are free from diseases. Consuming sugary food regularly and failing to maintain good oral hygiene can cause serious harm to the teeth.

Avoid smoking

The carbon particles from smoke can accumulate on the surface of your teeth. This can mask the natural color of your teeth, thereby making your smile appear dull. A bright smile can be protected by avoiding smoking.

Maintain oral hygiene

Brushing and flossing can make a big difference in oral health. When oral hygiene is not maintained, the teeth can get discolored and decayed which is dangerous to the health as well as the smile of a person.

Visit dentist regularly

Dentists primarily focus on preventing diseases. It is important for patients to visit our dentist at least twice in a year to stay away from dental infection and other tooth defects. Our preventive care prevents dental problems and takes necessary steps to safeguard the wonderful smile in patients.